We make hydraulic hoses (RVD – High pressure hose), any type of, the type and size, including freon. We use only imported hoses and fittings, installation of end fittings (fittings) carried out on imported equipment.
Large assortment of hoses and fittings in our warehouse allows us to produce virtually any RVD in an expeditious manner. All, what you need from you – you needed a sample tube and 15 minutes of waiting in a comfortable office…
We produce repair and diagnostics of hydraulic systems and. All repair work carried out by qualified professionals with extensive experience working with machinery and systems.
We carry out repairs of hydraulic pumps and motors of all types and kinds of. When inappropriate repair or restoration – help to pick up the original version of the same or replace the unit or site. Our company offers the repair of imported cylinders of any complexity for any equipment.
We produce telescopic hydraulic cylinder repair, such as dump bodies and trailers. If your cylinder is so worn out, that can not be restored – we produce for you a new.
Sale and supply of spare parts, components, equipment for all types and kinds of hydraulic machines, systems and from any country anywhere in Russia.